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Don is a great economics teacher. I joined him in late September, only a few weeks to my A Levels. At the point, I was panicking because my econs was my worst subject. Throughout my years in JC I could barely pass in all my tests and examinations. When I received my prelim results which was a S, I was frantically trying to find a good econs teacher that could help me push up my score. When I joined Don, he broke down the concepts and helped me to understand the basics. He gave me a lot of practice and went through every error I was making. He is patient and always makes sure you understand the concepts before proceeding on. I am ecstatic when I saw my A level score for econs. It went from a S to an A in the span of a month. I am very thankful for his help and would highly recommend if you struggle with economics.
Anna Yim
CJC Class of 2021, S to A for Economics H1 (2 months)
Don has helped me improve a lot in economics! I often found myself lagging behind and struggling to keep up with the content and workload involved in school and struggled to understand the application of the topics. Don helped to explain the concepts clearly, while providing concise notes which made revision much easier as well. He also gave me practices to do frequently to allow me to be familiar with the question types and the application of the content. I really appreciated the fact that he helped make economics as a subject come alive in the sense that he showed me how the theories and concepts in our textbooks were based off what was happening in real-life and how applicable it is. This helped make the subject more enjoyable to study and helped me to improve my overall grade as well 🙂
Claire Francis
SAJC Class of 2023, S to A for Economics H2 (8 months)
Don is a very inspiring economics teacher. Before I joined his class, I struggled to understand the concepts in economics and also lacked exposure to the different kind of questions. Because of that, I couldn’t attain the results I desired for block test and end of years. When I joined Don, he filled the missing gaps in my understanding of the topics which helped me gain a good grasp of every single topic. He also drilled my question answering skills and critical thinking by making me do many papers and even sat me down and patiently corrected the mistakes I made. I was so over the moon when I saw my grade for econs. It improved tremendously from a E to an A. Econs went from a subject I dreaded doing to something I find really fun which is why I would highly recommend his tuition if you struggle with economics.
Faustine Tan
MI Class of 2022, E to A for Economics H1 (9 months), Top in level for Prelims
Don is a friendly and energetic teacher who was very clear and concise when explaining economic concepts. I started with him a month before A levels and he really helped me to clear up economic misconceptions and teach me how to score. He also provided very helpful notes and practice papers every week which helped me improve my grade to an A for A levels! I would highly recommend his tuition if you need help for economics!
Koo Yao
Valedictorian of MI Class of 2022, B to A for Economics H1 (2 months)
Don has helped me improve my econs tremendously! Throughout J1, econs had always be my weakest subject as I was constantly scoring U's. But through the vast amount of practices that he has gone through with me, I've managed to improve from a U in J1 promos to a B in A levels. He's a patient and understanding teacher that is meticulous in his work. Thank u Don!!!
Natalie Tham
JPJC Class of 2023, U to B for Economics H1 (1 year)
When it comes to breaking down concepts and teaching students how we could understand different economic concepts, Don is very good at that. He will break down the different concepts for you down to the details, which makes it much easier to understand. He also teaches you how to use the concepts to answer different questions, something that he does better than other tutors. The commitment and dedication showed by Don also spurred me to improve in economics, and getting something I want for A-levels.
Jordan Tan
EJC Class of 2021, S to B for Economics H1 (4 months)
"One thing that makes Don different from other tutors is he's quite young and compared to other teachers, they don't really understand what examiners want and how you should answer. He's able to tell you really accurately how to do it and he understands what you're supposed to do."
Arjun Moorthy
ACS(Intl) Class of 2023, D to A* for IGCSE Economics (7 months)
"Other than just teaching you the concepts and content, there's real application towards questions. The notes have very good model answers, which the challenge at the end is always As (for A-Level Econs), and the notes very adequately prepares you to answer these questions. Which my school notes definitely doesn't do."
Joshua Poon
HCI Class of 2024, C to B for J1 Promos (6 months)
Don is a caring, unique and extremely experienced economics teacher. He is experienced in a sense that he didn’t just make me study with the mentality that economics was just another subject in jc, but he also shared his love for economics with me. This provided a more wholesome learning experience as I grew to show interest towards economics through the real life examples he pairs economics concepts and theories with. Don’s lessons are not only effective and conducive, but it also takes away the mentality of students such as me studying economics just for the sake of getting through another subject in jc, making the learning experience more interesting, effective and engaging! Don’s teaching helped me improve my economics from a dire ‘U’ grade in school examinations to a ‘B’ grade at A Levels! Thanks Don!
Javier Ho
NYJC Class of 2022, U to B for Economics H1 (2 years)
Mr Don has been incredibly helpful with his concise notes and patience despite my initial difficulties with answering the questions. His methodical approach to tackling econs questions broke down difficult concepts and constant exposure to different question types and weekly practices helped me improve my grades (from Prelims S to A levels A) despite the short time spent with him. Thank you!!
Luu Doan Gia
DHS Class of 2021, S to A for Economics H2 (4 months)
Mr Don has done an amazing job at helping me understand my economics concepts. Under Mr Don's guidance, I managed to gain more confidence in answering macro economics questions. Mr Don's notes have also provided good insight into the key components of what A level questions are looking for. His answering techniques also helped to refine my answers by trimming off excess parts of my answer which helped a lot with my time management. I'm very thankful for Mr Don's help in boosting my econs from an E to B!! Thank you for everything Mr Don!!
Matthew Cheong
Matthew Cheong
ACJC Class of 2021, E to B for Economics H1 (4 months)
Don helped me immensely for H2 Econs. I had difficulty understanding macroeconomics in J2 and was barely passing most of my tests in school. With Don's help, however, I finally understood certain concepts better and had better writing skills to tackle the harder essay questions, and my time management in exams also improved under his teachings. Don taught me many things that my school didn't even teach me. With his guidance I managed to go from an E in prelims to an A at the A levels. Thank you Don for helping me improve so much in such a short period of time (less than 6 months).
Kristen Tan
SAJC Class of 2023, E to A for Economics H2 (6 months)

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