Founder and Head Tutor of The Econs Don 

Meet Don, a seasoned tutor specializing in Economics at the GCE A-Levels and International Baccalaureate levels. With a passion for teaching that ignited during his university days in 2016, Don has been dedicated to empowering students with a deep understanding of the economics syllabus.

Don excelled during his time at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), achieving an impressive 43/45 points in the 2012 International Baccalaureate Examinations. His exceptional performance in Economics, marked by a score of 90/100 and the prestigious Academic Excellence Award, set him apart as one of the top students in his cohort.

Continuing his academic journey at NUS Business School, Don deepened his knowledge of finance and economics. During his tenure at NUS, he held the esteemed position of Deputy Lead Research Analyst for the Global Macroeconomics Research Department within the NUS Investment Society. Through this role, Don demonstrated his profound understanding of economics and shared his insights through monthly workshops on basic economic concepts for investing and trading, drawing audiences of over 100 students and members of the public each week.

When he’s not in the classroom, Don can be spotted juggling a soccer ball, delving into market news for his next big investment opportunity, or attempting a new piano tune, even if they’re occasionally out of tune.


Why did I choose to become a tutor?

Mid-Years: 63 out of 100

Prelims: 46 out of 100 (Lowest in Class)

These were my Mid-Years and Prelims grades just before my final exam back in 2012. Having really poor results and being told by my teacher that I had the lowest grades in class for Economics was possible one of the lowest points of my school life then! I was at my wit’s end, until I stumbled upon a tutor which COMPLETELY RESHAPED my understanding about the subject. It hit me hard how I had been approaching it all wrong — lacking in conceptual understanding, application skills, and clueless about tailoring my answers to what the examiners wanted. I also realized my school teachers weren’t equipping me with the exam-specific skills needed. With a PARADIGM SHIFT in how i perceived economics as an examinable subject, I studied with a fervour I had never felt before, giving it my absolute best.


Final Score: 90 out of 100

Just imagine my disbelief when I unveiled my exam scores! For me, my proudest academic achievement wasn’t how I’ve managed to be one of the top students in my cohort at the end, but rather how I miraculously doubled my Economics exam score from 46 to 90 within the span of 3 months. My teachers, classmates and parents were incredulous and only had one question to ask: 


Allow me to spare you further from my humble bragging, but the story of what I did to improve my grades can be found here.

My economics tutor (thank you Mr. Melvin!) had such a profound impact on my grades, that it inspired me to pay it forward and become a tutor myself. Like me before, I knew that there were definitely many other Singapore students who are struggling with Economics in the same way I did. Some of these students are TOTALLY UNAWARE that such application skillsets exist, which can be a GAME CHANGER for their grades. 

My Teaching Journey

Having initially started off as a part-time tutor for group classes in multiple tuition centers back in 2016, demand for my tutoring services quickly grew through word of mouth, leading me to become a full-time tutor in 2020. On average, my past students have achieved A/B grades at a rate of 89%, with a 67% distinction rate.

My approach as a tutor is rooted in my belief in the importance of fostering critical analysis and application skills essential for success in Economics exams. Moreover, my ability to connect with students, aided by my youthful age, enables me to create a supportive and engaging learning environment. Additionally, I have developed a comprehensive array of resource guides over the years, offering students a detailed roadmap to navigate the complexities of the Economics subject.

Ultimately, I see myself not just as an instructor, but as a mentor guiding students through their academic journey. Drawing from my own experiences, I am committed to equipping students with the tools they need to overcome challenges and excel in their studies.

This is why I choose to become a tutor.