Since 2020, TED has consistently OUTPERFORMED the national average


Distinctions (Grade A/Grade 7)


Grade A or B/ 7 or 6

*National Average around 20-30+% Distinctions for A-Levels

Let's face it.

The reason why you’ve ended up at this webpage is because of one reason: that you are currently UNSATISFIED with how your (or your child’s) economic grades are going for you. You are WORRIED that you may score poorly at the end of A-Levels/IB to enroll into the university course you’ve always dreamed of. 

Or worse still, that you may have to end up retaking the exam again.

How do we know this? Because this is EXACTLY what Mr. Don himself has gone through. During his time in JC, when he flunked his Econs grades during prelims, he was DESPARATE for help. Only with the guidance of another tutor, did he realise how NAIVE he was in his approach to economics had been. Armed with newfound knowledge and belief, he made a complete 180° turnaround, scoring a DISTINCTION at the very end.  

At TED, we take pride in being TURNAROUND SPECIALISTS. We immerse ourselves in mastering the fundamentals of the Economics syllabus, distilling precisely what you need, and crafting a GAME PLAN for you to seamlessly apply to your Economics exams. With our timely support, you’ll gain an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE that you only wish you had known earlier to DESTROY YOUR EXAMS

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What we do at TED
(We absolutely swear by this!)


We challenge conventional thinking and completely transform the way you approach Economics as a school subject.


We aim to help students master the subject using a first-principles approach. This means breaking down tricky concepts into simpler parts, refining your understanding, and then putting everything back together.


Taking an exam is like a sport. Our role is to coach you as "athletes" and impart to you the proper techniques that are not necessarily taught in school to prepare for the "match."

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What TED has to offer


Our teaching methods have naturally evolved over time; keeping what works, improvising on what doesn't. At the core of our pedagogy includes:

- A unique Critical Thinking Process that will enable you to analyse ANY given A-level/IB Economic problem!
- A meticulously designed step-by step GAME PLAN to DESTROY YOUR EXAMS
- Continuous feedback and regular assessments for students to track their progress


Sick of your large chunk of boring school notes that doesn't get to the point? TED boasts a library of Economics Resources which are just straight-up CHEAT CODES!

- Content summaries which distills the essence of what you need to know for just-in time revision.
- Our very own Exam Skills Package which gives you the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE you need.



Your academic success is our priority. With TED's small classes sizes (Up to 10pax), this allows for more personal attention and care for each student's needs.

- We tailor our teaching methods to align with the student's progress and abilities of each student in each class.
- Stuck on an Econs brain buster? Hit us up on WhatsApp anytime to clarify your doubts!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We currently only teach Economics at GCE A-Levels (Singapore) and International Baccalaureate.  

Yes! The very first lesson will be free of charge should you decide against continuing with us. Otherwise, the first lesson will still be included in the billing cycle for the month. 

At TED, we prioritize maintaining a small student-to-teacher ratio to ensure the effectiveness of coaching for every individual. Each class typically accommodates a maximum of 10 students, allowing for personalized attention and optimal learning outcomes.

All of the details will be provided to you once you have registered your interest by filling up the forms here! Be rest assured that our fees will be competitively priced 🙂 

At the moment, we’re not accepting new students for individual tuition. However, if you’re truly keen on receiving personalized attention, please fill out the forms below. Our head tutor Mr. Don will review your application on a case-by-case basis. 

TED offers both physical and online lessons, giving you the flexibility to choose what suits you best. However, please note that we currently do not offer hybrid lessons (a combination of both). Keep in mind that your preferred class mode is subject to slot availability.

Not to worry! Here at TED, the homework assigned to you is OPTIONAL and it is not compulsory to submit. That being said, if you’re really serious in improving your grades, you’ll have to go the extra mile to do more practice whenever possible. No one has ever won the Wimbledon by reading a book about tennis, so you have to be on the court to play the game (i.e. mock exam practice) in order to achieve the result that you want. 

Tuition fees are generally non-refundable. However, Mr Don will review the request on a case-by-case basis if a make-up lesson is impossible. It is highly recommended that the student attend all lessons in order to receive the full benefits of tutoring. 

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